2018 Bobcat Chipper, 5A Standard Flow

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Chipper, 5A Standard Flow



Using a powerful disk chipping action, the chipper attachment continuously mulches materials - up to 5-in. in diameter - such as trees, limbs, branches, and saplings. The chipper attachment is ideal for tree removal, pruning services, municipalities, parks and recreation, rentals, and personal property maintenance.

Unlike pull-type chippers, the Bobcat® chipper attachment can perform chipping jobs virtually anywhere! The compact design of the chipper attachment can tackle tough terrain. And it operates in any environment where a loader can travel, allowing wood mulching right on site rather than having to haul wood somewhere else.

A hydraulic power feed allows the feed roller to move branches into the chipper at a constant speed. The chipper attachment breaks brush into small chips and discharges the chips through the discharge chute, which can be rotated 360-degrees for maximum angle positioning. Also, the discharged small chips decompose faster than branches or large chips.

The 5A chipper features a 5-in. feeder opening and chips material up to 3 in. in diameter. The 8B chipper offers even more versatility, with a 9-in. feeder that chips materials up to 5 in. in diameter.

Top Tasks
  • Mulch branches, trees and other debris
  • Adjustable Deflector: Located on the discharge chute, the adjustable deflector reduces the distance chips are thrown from the attachment and deflects the chips into a desired work area, allowing for more control over discharged materials.
  • Chipper Discharge Chute: Rotates 360-degrees, providing maximum angle position for discharging materials without having to reposition the chipper attachment. Adjustable deflector also helps direct chips in the desired direction.
  • Chipper Disk: Made from 1.25" steel, the chipper disk provides heavy-duty strength when cutting heavy material, allowing the chipper attachment to maintain momentum while cutting.
  • Dual Mounting Locations: Allow the intake housing to be mounted to either the front or right side of the machine, allowing the chipper attachment to accommodate different applications.
  • Four Tool-Steel Blades: Positioned at different angles, the four blades provide optimum cutting performance while the tool-steel extends blade life. Blades are also reversible for twice the life between sharpening, decreasing maintenance time and maximizing productivity.
  • Hydraulic Power Feed: Directs branches into the chipper attachment. The operator only needs to get the branches started, meaning overall reduced operator fatigue.
  • Variable Speed Roller: Gives the operator the ability to set the initial feeding speed as well as distribute power between the feed roller and grinding wheel, providing maximum operator control.
  • Remote Attachment Control (RAC) Kit: Operator can start the loader from the ground without entering or exiting the loader. Eliminates the need for a second operator in the loader.
  • Operating Weight: 1145 lb
  • Length: 102.3 in
  • Width: 48 in
  • Height: 92 in
  • Blades: 4 reversible tool steel blades
  • Continuous Chipping Size: Up to 3" diameter material
  • Discharge Chute (Incl. End Deflector): Rotates 360 degrees
  • Discharge Chute Height: 92 in
  • Dual Mounting Locations: Front or right side of loader
  • Feed Table Height: 23.5 in
  • Feeder opening: 5 in
Compatible Carriers
  • Bobcat A770
  • Bobcat S450
  • Bobcat S550
  • Bobcat S570
  • Bobcat S595
  • Bobcat S590
  • Bobcat S630
  • Bobcat S650
  • Bobcat S740
  • Bobcat S770
  • Bobcat S850
  • Bobcat T450
  • Bobcat T550
  • Bobcat T590
  • Bobcat T595
  • Bobcat T630
  • Bobcat T650
  • Bobcat T740
  • Bobcat T750
  • Bobcat T770
  • Bobcat T870
  • Bobcat 5610
  • Bobcat 5600
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Chipping Capacity
5 in.


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