2012 Bobcat T650 Compact Track


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T650 Compact Track


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The Bobcat® T650 compact track loader is part of the M-Series. Get top productivity and extend your working season with the T650. The vertical lift path gives you maximum forward reach at flatbed truck height for a variety of grading, digging, trenching and backfilling jobs. With the optional pressurized cab, you'll work in extreme comfort and get improved visibility of your working area. M-Series models deliver unequaled digging and pushing power, combined with the most available attachments in the industry. Equip your new T650 with the optional Roller Suspension™ system that increases operator comfort without sacrificing durability.

  • 12-Volt Power Accessory: Your cab is your office. That’s why Bobcat installed a 12-volt power accessory for charging your mobile phone, MP3 player or other accessories.
  • Air-Ride Seats: Achieve optimum suspension comfort with the optional air-ride seat. Air suspension adjusts to your weight, helping you smooth out the bumps on your jobsite and increasing your comfort.
  • Better Visibility: Visibility has been significantly increased in all directions. The rear window is 14% larger and the size of the top window is now 43% larger, providing a big advantage when loading a truck or using attachments with raised lift arms.
  • Cab-Forward Design: The new design moves the operator area closer to the attachment, and gives you a better vantage point for your work area.
  • Cup Holders: The cup holders hold 20oz. soda bottles all the way up to super-sized cups and coffee mugs.
  • Convenient Storage: New storage bins are located throughout the machine. Store items wherever it’s convenient!
  • Deluxe Instrumentation Panel: This intelligent Bobcat option helps you prevent theft with keyless start and enables better operation by closely monitoring and interacting with your machine. A new 7-inch LED screen with full-color capability offers increased readability and interaction. Easy-to-read virtual sweep gauges allow you to quickly read and understand operation levels.
  • Easy-Pull, Easy-Secure Side Window: Simply pull the new window knob to slide the side window to five lockable positions. The window stays exactly where you want it to get consistent air flow.
  • Fingertip Controls: Bobcat control of attachment hydraulics leads the industry. Attachments are more comfortable to operate, controlled easily and adjusted simply from the fingertip controls.
  • Heat and Air Conditioning: Because our optional AC units are integrated into the machine, there is no bulky add-on unit to obstruct your visibility. Automotive-style vents allow you to point your air where you need it for greater comfort in all weather conditions.
  • Large Entry/Exit: Bobcat re-engineered the largest cab front opening in the industry and now made it bigger! On machines with enclosed cabs, Bobcat provides a large swing open door to make it easier to enter and exit the cab. A lowered door threshold gives you increased visibility to your attachment and the surrounding work area – making it easier to see and do your work.
  • More Room: Our stronger, narrower loader arms make a wider cab possible, with up to 20% more interior space than competitors, keeping you comfortable.
  • Pressurized Cab: Bobcat loaders with enclosed cabs have a best-in-class, pressurized interior space that helps keep dust to a minimum. A new, one-piece pressure seat engages the entire door on the front and sides, compressing the door seal into a specialized curved door pocket keeping dust and debris out of the cab.
  • Quieter Operation: The sound within the cab is reduced by more than 60% for a more comfortable and quieter working environment. Quieter than ordinary cooling fans, Bobcat’s hydraulic-powered SmartFAN senses the temperature of the machine and only turns as fast as needed.
  • Radio Capable: Order your loader with a stereo to increase your comfort. The radio features an auxiliary audio input jack that is ready for an MP3 player or other audio device.
  • Seat-Mounted Joysticks: On M-series loaders with Selectable Joystick Controls, the joysticks are mounted to the seat. As your suspension seat moves up and down, the joysticks move with the seat for added comfort while operating.
  • Suspension Seat: Other comfort items include a fully adjustable suspension seat, adjusting easily to the operator’s weight.
  • Attachment Control Device: In simplest terms, the optional Attachment Control Device makes it possible for the loader and attachment to communicate.
  • Bob-Tach™: Change attachments in less than a minute! You can replace a bucket with a pallet fork, landscape rake, auger, grapple, and more than 70 Bobcat attachments quickly and easily with the Bob-Tach™ mounting system.
  • Control in Your Hands: With Bobcat compact track loaders, you can feel and control the loader’s drive, engine torque and tractive effort—so you can push your machine to the limit without an engine anti-stall system robbing you of power when you need it the most.
  • Faster Cycle Times: Hydraulic pumps in Bobcat loaders are matched to cylinder size and loader lift capacity to provide fast cycle times that help you get the job done faster.
  • High-Flow Hydraulics: Need more attachment power? This optional system provides additional hydraulic power to boost production of attachments.
  • Hydraulic Bucket Positioning: Optional hydraulic bucket positing keeps your bucket level when raising lift arms, reducing spillage and allowing you to work more efficiently.
  • More Torque: Bobcat loaders reach maximum torque at a lower RPM to minimize stalling and save time and fuel.
  • Power Bob-Tach™ Powered Mounting System: Change non-hydraulic attachments from the comfort of your cab - with the flip of a switch. You can swap a bucket with pallet forks without ever leaving your seat with the optional Power Bob-Tach™ mounting system.
  • Powerful Breakout Forces: High-efficiency hydraulic pumps deliver more power, matched to demand and providing breakout forces. Bobcat loaders have unmatched lift breakout.
  • Quick Couplers with Pressure Release: By simply pushing the coupler inward, the hydraulic oil is released through a return line back into the machine. The result is clean, quick attachment changes time after time.
  • Quicker Turning: Bobcat’s weight distribution has been designed for the best turning and skidding to deliver ideal performance, with 70% of distribution in the rear and 30% in the front. This quick turning reduces fuel consumption and power requirements from the engine, increasing the life of drive train and tires.
  • Remote Control: All loaders equipped with Selectable Joystick Control or All Wheel Steer can be operated by the optional Radio Remote Control. Bobcat Company is the first and only company to introduce a new way to operate your equipment without having to have an operator in the cab. This is a smart solution for hot, dusty environments or on jobs where you’d rather be outside of the machine.
  • Ride Control Option: Optional ride control is the cushioning of the loader lift circuit, which helps increase the smoothness of the ride.
  • Roller Suspension: Bobcat’s optional Roller Suspension is the first suspension system for compact track loaders that uses an all steel design for increase durability, as well as the only suspension for the more durable steel inbed tracks.
  • Selectable Joystick Controls: Optional SJC allows you to operate the machine with only your hands. You can easily switch between, “ISO” pattern, where the left joystick operates the drive functions and the right joystick controls the workgroup, or “H” pattern with a dash-mounted rocker switch inside the cab.
  • Stronger Hydraulics: Hydraulic systems have been re-engineered to outperform existing larger Bobcat loaders – working faster and stronger to increase operator performance. The Bobcat engine, hydraulic pump, horsepower and cubic-inch displacement are configured precisely for each model’s specific operating capacity. Bobcat loaders offer the best hydraulic system on the market.
  • Two-Speed (option): Boost top travel speed by as much as 57 percent and reduce the time it takes to travel across a jobsite or between jobs. Bobcat tested the travel speeds of various brands.
Uptime Protection
  • Battery Run-Down Protection: The lighting circuit automatically shuts down to prevent accidental battery discharge. It is voltage sensitive, and will turn the lights off prior to battery discharge. This minimizes the impact of vandalism or when lights are left on after the work is done.
  • Dual Path Cooling: The loader draws in a majority of cool, clean air from above through the oil cooler and radiator, while small amounts of hot air are drawn out of the engine compartment. The combination is then exhausted out two side vents, keeping hot air away from the operator, providing more efficient cooling and keeping engine components clean.
  • Hydraulic Sight Gauge: Enables easy, quick hydraulic oil checks through a gauge that’s visible as you walk by the loader.
  • Machine Shutdown Protection: Bobcat loaders come standard with automatic shutdown that monitors engine and hydraulic functions. The system alerts the operator and actually shuts the machine down—lessening the chance of damage to the engine or hydraulic components.
  • Protected Cooling Location: The Bobcat loader radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are well protected between the frame uprights, above the engine and out of danger.
  • Protected Quick-Couplers: Leaves no exposed hoses to damage. Integrated, pressure-release quick couplers are mounted directly into the front plate of the lift arm.
  • Protected Hose Routing: We provide better protection of our hoses by running them through the loader arms and frame uprights. We use more expensive steel tubing in small areas that are exposed to outside elements. The simplicity in the design is that hoses are less apt to be snagged and broken if they are not exposed, meaning more time working for you. Bobcat sets the standard for hose routing.
  • Removable Hose Guide: Provides better auxiliary hose routing and security; slide the guide onto your hydraulic hose and clip it on the machine before operation. Clip the hose on the attachment frame when it isn’t in use.
  • Self Diagnostics: Bobcat loaders provide on-board diagnostics to efficiently troubleshoot problems in the field or prevent them before they occur —reducing downtime for you. Downloadable machine performance history also cuts out a huge chunk of the time needed to identify potential problems and correct them.
  • Simple Machine Tie-Down: Secure you loader quickly, without searching for hard-to-reach tie-downs. New tie-downs are easy to find and easy to reach.
  • Single Plane Design: The patented single plane design of Bobcat loader lift arms is superior to other machines. We keep every pin and connecting point in the same plane, greatly reducing the side deflection of the lift arm. This stronger design leads to longer lift arm life because there is less chance of failure and better wearing.
  • Steel Tracks: Bobcat offers the only compact loader with optional steel tracks to give you increased uptime and more pushing power in brutal, abrasive working environments. These hard-wearing tracks provide longer undercarriage life and unmatched pushing force.
  • Vertical Lift Path: A vertical lift path provides higher lift capacity and more reach at full lift height than radius lift path, keeping the load closer to the machine while you raise the loader arms.
  • Protective Tailgate: The one piece 3/8”inch thick door is solid steel. There are no cooling holes, slots or other openings on the heavy-duty door that could potentially lead to extra time in the shop.
  • Superior Serviceability: Bobcat loaders are designed for fastest and easiest servicing in the industry. Every single daily maintenance item such as engine fluid check, filters, battery, air cleaner and other components are out in the open when you open the tailgate.
  • Tilt-Up Cab: Bobcat created the tilt-up cab for non-routine maintenance, so shop time is spent on maintenance or repair, not gaining access.
  • Training: Bobcat Company offers the world’s only comprehensive training courses for loaders, VersaHandlers, loader backhoes, Toolcat utility work machines, backhoe and planer attachments, and compact excavators.
  • Transverse Engine/Belt Drive: Transverse Engine/Belt Drive: Thanks to the Bobcat belt-drive system, loader engines can run slower, resulting in a quieter machine that lasts longer. This belt-drive system allows Bobcat loaders to use an optimized engine-to-pump package, making it more efficient.
  • Engine Cooling: Liquid
  • Emissions Tier (EPA): Interim Tier 4
  • Engine Fuel: Diesel
  • Horsepower: 74.3 HP
  • Turbocharged Engine: Yes
  • Rated Operating Capacity (SAE): 2570 lbs
  • Operating Capacity (50% of Tip): 3670 lbs
  • Tipping Load: 7343 lbs
  • Operating Weight: 9440 lbs
  • Travel Speed: 6.6 mph
  • Travel Speed (2-speed option): 10.7 mph
  • Ground Presssure (Rubber): 5.8 psi
  • Fuel Tank: 27.2 gal
  • System Relief @ Quick Couplers: 3500 psi
  • Auxiliary Std Flow: 23 GPM
  • Auxiliary High Flow: 30.5 GPM
  • Length: 108.4 in
  • Length without Attachment: 108.4 in
  • Length with Standard Bucket: 136.8 in
  • Width: 72.9 in
  • Width (with bucket): 74 in
  • Height: 81.3 in
  • Height with Operator Cab: 81.3 in
  • Height to Bucket Hinge Pin: 124 in
  • Reach @ Maximum Height: 34.2 in
  • Turning Radius: 87.7 in
  • Length of track on ground: 59 in
  • Track Width: 12.6 in
  • Track Width - Optional: 17.7 in
  • Joystick Control: Optional
  • Air Conditioning: Optional
  • Backup Alarm: Standard
  • BICS System (Interlock): Standard
  • Cab Heater: Optional
  • Operating Lights: Standard
  • Suspension Seat: Standard
  • Two Speed Travel: Optional
  • Deluxe Instrumentation: Optional
  • Engine Shutdown: Standard
  • Hydraulic Bucket Positioning: Optional
  • High Flow Option: Optional
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics: Standard
  • Bob-Tach Attachment System: Standard
  • Power Bob-Tach: Optional
  • ACS (Switchable Controls): Optional
  • Ride Control: Optional
  • Horn: Standard
  • Advanced Control System (ACS)
  • Selectable Joystick Control (SJC)
  • Radio Remote Control (SJC Required)
  • Air Ride Seat
  • Cab with Heat
  • Cab with Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Deluxe Instrumentation (Includes Keyless Start)
  • Hydraulic Bucket Positioning
  • Radio
  • Ride Control
  • Sound Reduction Package
  • Attachment Control Kit
  • Power Bob-Tach
Approved Attachments
  • Angle Brooms
  • Attachment Control Kits
  • Augers
  • Backhoes
  • Box Blades
  • Breakers
  • Brush Saws
  • Bucket - Combination
  • Bucket - Construction & Industrial
  • Bucket - Fertilizer & Grain
  • Bucket - Low Profile
  • Bucket Bundles
  • Buckets - Snow & Light Material
  • Chippers
  • Concrete Pump
  • Dozer Blade
  • Drop Hammer
  • Dumping Hopper
  • Flail Cutter
  • Forks - Utility
  • Grader
  • Grapple - Farm
  • Grapple - Industrial
  • Grapple - Root
  • Hi Flow Planers
  • Landplane
  • Landscape Rakes
  • Loader Bucket
  • Mower
  • Packer Wheel
  • Pallet Forks
  • Pallet Forks, Hydraulic
  • Ripper
  • Rock Buckets
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Scarifier
  • Scraper
  • Seeder
  • Silt Fence
  • Snow Blades
  • Snow Blowers
  • Snow Pushers
  • Snow V-Blades
  • Sod Layer
  • Soil Conditioner
  • Spreader
  • Stabilizers
  • Standard Planers
  • Stump Grinder
  • Sweepers
  • Three-Point Hitch
  • Tillers
  • Tree Spades
  • Trench Compactor
  • Trenchers
  • Trenching Buckets - X-Change
  • Utility Frame
  • Vibratory Rollers
  • Water Kit
  • Wheel Saws
  • Whisker Brooms



Engine Type
Interim Tier 4
74.3 hp
Fuel Capacity
27.2 gal.


SAE Rated Operating Capacity
2570 lb.
Bucket Capacity
Tipping Load: 7343 lb.
Max Ground Speed
6.6 mph; Optional: 10.7 mph
108.4 in.
72.9 in.
81.3 in.
9440 lb.